The 9/11 Promise Run route guarantees that you will see sites you typically do not have the opportunity to experience... it’s like a step back in time running through our country's history and roots.

Your journey will take you by monuments in Washington D.C., the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, down Broad Street to City Hall in Philadelphia, and a beautiful run along the Hudson River before we end our journey at the 9/11 Memorial in New York. You will experience the blue collar neighborhoods that built the North East, ports and harbors that deliver cargo essential to our livelihood and the refineries around Philadelphia where you can channel the spirit of 'Rocky'! Let's not forget the farmlands and college towns like the University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins, Princeton and Rutgers.

There are a lot of flat stretches and also a good amount of rolling hills. Most of the route entails sidewalk or a large shoulder. There a few patches along the route where the road narrows and the running space is limited – in these areas, we highly encourage you to have someone who is comfortable run that particular stretch, or drive the short stretch as a team. Please keep in mind that this is an open course. There are no closed roads. There will be no police presence at intersections.  Runners must follow and obey traffic and pedestrian laws.

Safety must come first! This will be an unforgettable journey for a GREAT cause!


Be Safe:
We are traveling through cities, small town and rural areas. While the route was designed to encompass as many sidewalks as possible know there will be extensive areas where sidewalks will not be present. Your safety is imperative to having a successful event. When on the shoulder, stay on the side of the road facing traffic; remain alert and follow all safety rules.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings:
There may be police presence in some areas but with teams spread out we can’t make any guarantees. Check before crossing streets. Stay in cross walks and when available use crosswalk lights. Make eye contact with drivers and use hand gestures to ensure they see you and know you are crossing.

The 9/11 Promise Run is a run to benefit the victims, their families and the emergency personnel of 9/11. Please know you are representing all of the runners participating and the charities involved. Respect the surrounding environment, display courtesy and good taste. Please carry all trash and recyclables with you and dispose of appropriately.

Please do not follow runners. This can cause traffic problems and possibly endanger a runner. If you would like to cheer on your runner, pull ahead and wait safely off the roadway.

Switching Runners:
When switching runners do so safely off the road, preferably in a parking lot.

Runner Requirements:
While running you must wear a reflective vest. Run against traffic when a sidewalk is available.

While the run is to remember 9/11 new memories will be made and friendships forged. Have fun, take in the moment and talk to others about your journey you encounter. You are a part an amazing adventure for a great cause, much bigger than us. Embrace what you’re doing and know your time and commitment is valued more than words can describe.


VAN: Each team is responsible for providing their own 15-passenger van or similar vehicle. We are working on discounts for vans for this event – stay tuned! Each team should bring some type of deodorizer to keep in the van – it’s gonna get stinky! We highly recommend decorating the van so that you show team spirit and can be seen by passers-by. We will provide gas cards to each team.

LODGING: Who wants to experience sleeping in a firehouse? On night one, we have confirmed that the Singerly Fire Department located in Elkton, MD will provide dinner and allow us to sleep at the firehouse! On night two, we will be dining and bunking at the Trenton Fire Department in Trenton, NJ. Each individual is responsible for their nightly lodging in New York City on 9/11 if one chooses to stay the night. We have established a discounted rate with the Holiday Inn Manhattan Financial District, 99 Washington St., NYC.

REFLECTIVE VEST: Each team is responsible for providing a reflective vest and headlamp for the runner. We’ll be running in the early hours and until dusk or thereabouts; safety must remain a priority.

Each runner will be responsible for getting to the designated start location the morning of September 9th and their return to the Washington, DC or home area.


September 8

Time TBD: Mandatory meeting at the Cherrydale Volunteer Fire Department, 3900 Lee Hwy., Arlington, VA.  This is mandatory for all runners and team captains. This meeting will go over the race, route, rules, etc. Dinner will be provided.  If one is not able to make the meeting, they must provide prior notification to Jennifer DePoto, (703) 969-1062 or They will be required to watch a video and sign a waiver that the video has been viewed.

September 9

4:30 AM: All runners and volunteers must meet at the designated start location no later than 4:30 AM.

5:00 AM: Runners will begin sharply at 5:00 a.m.

8:00 PM: Throughout the day, runners will cover approximately 90 miles and will finish the day of running in Elkton, MD no later than 8pm. All teams must be in by 8pm.

8:30 PM: There will be a meal served at 8:30pm (Singerly Fire Department, Elkton, MD).

September 10

4:30 AM: All runners and volunteers must meet at the designated start location no later than 4:30 AM.

5:00 AM: Runners will begin sharply at 5:00 a.m.

7:00 PM: Throughout the day, runners will cover approximately 80 miles and will finish the day of running in Trenton, NJ no later than 7pm. All teams must be in by 7pm.

7:30 PM: There will be a meal served at 7:30pm (Trenton Fire Department, Trenton, NJ).

September 11

4:30 AM: All runners and volunteers must meet at the designated start location no later than 4:30 AM.

5:00 AM:  Runners will begin sharply at 5:00 a.m.

5:20 PM: Throughout the day, runners will cover approximately 80 miles. All teams will be meet at Port Imperial/Weehawken Ferry no later than 5pm in order to take the 5:20pm ferry. All vans will be parked at the Port Imperial/Weehawken Ferry. As an entire group, all runners and volunteers will take the ferry over to New York. As an entire group, we will then proceed to run approximately 3.5 miles to the 9/11 Memorial.



If a registered athlete is not able to participate and needs to cancel before 1 September:

  • Registration is deferred to following year
  • The athlete is not held accountable for the $1000 fundraising requirement
  • The event retains any donations already made

If a registered athlete cancels between 1 September to 11 September:

  • Registration is deferred to following year (details below)
  • The athlete is held accountable for $1000 donation

DEFER POLICY DETAILS: If you are unable to participate due to a change of schedule or life events, athletes may defer their entry slot to the same event the following year. Deferrals do not carry over beyond the following year’s race. Athletes wishing to defer, will be provided with a unique entry code and must re-enter the event after entries open for the following year’s event. Keep in mind that the event has a capacity limit therefore the athlete’s entry slot is not guaranteed. Deferred athletes will not be allowed to register if the event closes before the athlete attempts to enter. In order to defer your registration, you will need to email me at

All athletes must register. All athletes must commit to raising $1000. When signing up, you will be asked to provide a credit card number on your GoFundMe fundraising page. This is a secure site. Each participant will have a deadline of October 1 to raise all funds. Any funds that are not raised after that deadline will be charged to your credit card and you will receive a contribution letter for tax purposes.

There is $100 registration fee to help cover the costs of the event.

All runners and volunteers must complete and sign a waiver to participate.

WARNING: Read carefully. This agreement includes a release of liability and waiver of legal rights and deprives your of the right to sue those parties noted herein. Do not sign this agreement unless you have read it in its entirety.